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5,000 Years of Religious Expansion Depicted in 90 Seconds

The above is a Flash application depicting the progression of the most well-known religions over approximately 5000 years: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism.

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Visual Medical Dictionary

 Assets Resources 2007 10 Medical

Here’s a great website where you can look up medical terminology and have the definitions presented to you in a graphical associative context. Pretty snazzy.

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Nissan’s Around View

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2007 10 Nissan-Around-View-440
180-degree camera * 4 = Bird’s eye view of your vehicle. Brilliant stuff. We might start seeing these in December of this year here in the U.S. I think these should be standard on all vehicles, especially SUVs.

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U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi Virtual Humanoid

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2007 10 Virtual Humanoid 1-1

I think the picture above pretty much sums up what this is. Yes, the green-clothed robot is anatomically correct.

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 Www.Joystiq.Com Media 2007 10 Portalfl
All you Half-Life 2 fans should know about the mini-game, Portal, that was included in one of the episodic expansions to Half-Life 2. Check out this Flash rendition of Portal to get a taste for this awesome puzzle game.

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