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Star Wars Symphonic Suite on a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ

What a *great* idea.

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Awesome Flight Safety Videos

I really love how much production goes into flight safety videos nowadays.


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An Unexpected Briefing

An Unexpected Briefing [Air New Zealand]

Air New Zealand hired the special effects crew that worked on The Lord of the Rings trilogy to “punch up” their air safety videos.

They have succeeded.

Thanks for the link, Dan!


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Star Wars Main Title Theme (Vocal Cover)

Star Wars Main Title Theme (Vocal Cover)


Thanks for the link, Tim!

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I Want To Live!

Project KARA (tech demo from Quantic Dream)

Though this is only a tech demo showing the “emotive capabilities” of a game engine on the PS3, it is an amazingly succinct and poignant narrative on the birth of self-awareness within a “newborn” android.

I also thought that embracing the “uncanny valley” within this context was a smart move. Since the featured character is an android, our expectations are lower for lifelike emotion—we are pleasantly surprised and in awe when we do see emotion. That subtlety drives the power behind this short film.

Enough of my chatter. Watch this film!

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The Drunken Recount of Superman’s Death and Resurrection

The Drunken Recount of Superman’s Death and Resurrection


If you’ve ever wanted to see a film version of death and resurrection of Superman as told by the 1992 DC Comic, this may be the closest you’ll ever get.

Max Landis, son of famed Animal House director John Landis, has created this live-action, drunken short film entitled “The Death and Return of Superman”, which mocks the concept of the story and stars Mandy Moore as Lois Lane, Elijah Wood as Hank Henshaw and Simon Pegg as John Landis (among other surprises).

This had me in tears. Tears! The cameos are awesome.

Head’s up on language and some NSFW-ish scenes.

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“The Princess Bride” Celebrates 25 Years

The Princess Bride Cast Reunion

Happy 25th Anniversary to one of my favorite movies of all time… all time!

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Need Advice? Ask Darth Vader.


This is way better than fortune cookie fortunes.

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Terminator 2 as Hand-Drawn Animation

Terminator 2, by the band Rymdreglage

Terminator 2 turns 20 on July 3rd, 2011. Twenty.

via Gizmodo

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George Lucas Strikes Back

As Darren says, “The Only POSSIBLE Explanation!”

Nice find, Darren!

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