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Car Bites Dog

That's one lucky dog.

That's one lucky dog.

From Cellar – Image of the Day:

The motorist, Marco Menozzi, didn’t even stop when he mowed down the one-year-old pooch while doing 70mph on a side road in Cozze, southern Italy.

But he hit the dog so hard he was embedded in the grill under the bonnet of the Peugeot 207 and managed to cling on until the car eventually stopped.

Vets have treated the stray for a broken leg and bruising and he’s now in a police pound looking for new owner.

“He’s a very lucky boy. He was saved because he was hit so hard. Any softer and he would have bounced off the car and been crushed under the wheels,” said a police spokesman.

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Doggie Treadmills, a lot more practical than you think.

The things we do for our dogs.

A Doggie Treadmill would seem to be the most extravagant thing to buy for your dog. But it is a lot more practical than you think especially if you have a puppy that was sired by the Energizer Bunny.

Like my dog trainer said, “A tired puppy is a happy puppy.”

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Hey!!! Your dog is being eaten by a… oh, nevermind.

Now this is more Charlie’s Style¬†


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