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Star Wars Symphonic Suite on a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ

What a *great* idea.


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Brian Williams – Rapper’s Delight

BRILLIANT editing.

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Transparent Aluminum

Okay, Star Trek fans–remember this scene from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)?

It turns out that a transparent aluminum ceramic actually exists. It is aluminum oxynitride and is currently being marketed as ALON by Surmet.

From the following demonstration, it seems to live up to the hype.


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Anthill Art

Ant problem? Why not pour molten aluminum into it and turn it into art?


Thanks for the link, Rochelle!

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Flickr Calendar

I discovered via today’s Flickr blog post that you can access your Flickr photos via a yearly calendar. Here’s a link for you Flickr users out there:

In the URI, you can replace “me” with another username if you want to see their public photos. Of course, you can change “2013” to any year as well.

Looking at my own photo history, 2013 is the most consistent I’ve ever been in photo taking. Below is a comparison of 2012 vs. 2013 for me.

2012 Flickr Calendar

2012 Flickr Calendar

2013 Flickr Calendar

2013 Flickr Calendar

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Logical Increments – PC Build Guide

Logical Increments


I’ve seen a lot of PC build guides, but this one seems to be the most succinct and granular one to date.

Thanks for the link, Brian!

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Awesome Flight Safety Videos

I really love how much production goes into flight safety videos nowadays.


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Tom and Jerry Music Performed Live

I’ve never seen a percussion section have this much fun before. The last two minutes are crazy.

via Cartoon Brew

Thanks for the link, Tim!

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Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Remember Wing Commander? I do. I remember all those installation floppy disks. I remember all those autoexec.bat and config.sys tweaks to eek out as much system memory as possible–ah, the dreaded EMM386.SYS.

Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander franchise, is back, and he’s on a mission.

Behold… Star Citizen.

Thanks for the link, Joe!

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Make your own action figure

Image from PetaPixel

I know what I’m getting my family for Christmas. 🙂

If you don’t mind holding as still as possible for 30 minutes and paying anywhere from $445 to $2295 (depending on the size of the finished product), you can have your own action figure (or wedding cake topper, or cat toy, etc.)!

via PetaPixel

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