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How much is $20,000 worth to you?


We, the US Govenrment, will give you $20,000 in return we will drop you off in the middle of Iraq in 30 days.

Hmmm… What are my chances that I will actually see that $20,000 at the end of my tour of duty?

The average tour of duty in Iraq is just under 1 year.



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Apt-Get for Windows

One of things I love most about running Ubuntu (or Debian) Linux is how easy it is to install software. There’s a handy little command-line program called “apt-get” that allows you to install a piece of software and all of its dependencies in a single line.

Somebody created a Windows version: Win-Get

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The invention of the mouse was definitely started one of the largest paradigm shifts in human-computer interaction. That being said, using a mouse isn’t the most ergonomic ways to interact with your computer. In many everyday applications, sometimes it’s more efficient to do everything via keyboard shortcuts.

That’s why I’m all for applications like Launchy.  Adam Pash from Lifehacker has a great tutorial for those who want to take Launchy to the next level (beyond just application launching).

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Love those ninjas!

Hope you all enjoy the Algorithm March as much as I did!  Wonderfully timed, fun and creative!

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It’s Finally Here!!!

Avenue Q” is coming to the Bay Area!!!


Think of it as the disfuctional version of “Seasame Street”

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GOD of WAR III for the PS3


But this comes close…

Heavenly Sword

Game play you ask?

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Reboot Redux

I don’t know how many of you remember the Canadian CGI animated series, ReBoot.  It was a favorite Saturday-morning cartoon for me, and one of the first of its kind for television.  Here’s a refresher if you’ve forgotten or are unfamiliar with this series.

Apparently this show is about to be resurrected in the form of a trilogy of feature-length films.  Color me excited. 🙂

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Chore Wars

Okay, Chore Wars is just plain brilliant.  One of the appeals of RPGs (role playing games) for me is the sense of accomplishment you feel from buffing up your character.  I’ve joked about how awesome it would be to apply game mechanics from RPGs to real life (since really, RPGs attempt to quantify real-life into discrete math and formula to represent skills and experience).

How cool would this have been in college?

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Kelly Blue Book for Electronics

I have a lot of junk in my garage that I am just too lazy to put on eBay.  The main excuse I give myself is that the money I’ll potentially make from selling the stuff probably won’t be worth the time & effort it would take to put it on eBay.

Enter Second Rotation.

With this handy-dandy site, I can now get a ballpark estimate of what to expect from my electronic junk.

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I’m pretty much a Flickr-guy myself, but if ever the need arises, now I can migrate my photos to/from another service if I wanted to.  Check out Migratr if the need arises for you.

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