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Star Date 12-25-2008

All this talk of Star Trek got me a bit gitty. 

So out of curiosity I googled “Star Trek XI


Set before “The Original Series” Kirk and Spock are newly graduated Cadets fresh from Starfleet Academy and are sent on their first space mission.

Spock has been casted and will be played by Zachary Quinto (Heroes)

On the short list for the role of Kirk, Matt Damon (The Bourne Series) is in “Talks” with Paramount.

And Gary Sinise (Apollo 13 & CSI New York) is also in “Talks” with Paramount for the role of Dr. McCoy

I want it to be 2008 now!!!


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Cell Phone Signal Map

Here’s a great, user-powered site that shows the cell phone signals of different carriers on a map. This site is still young and in beta, so the data set isn’t that comprehensive… yet.

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Optimus Prime PC Case Mod

I can think of better ways to make use of Optimus Prime and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Turning him into a PC isn’t one of them.

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Fine Dining and Filipino Food

I’ve lived in Peninsula the majority of my 34 some years and I’ve been to most of the “Filipino” Restaurants the Peninsulas has to offer. At best, these restaurants fall into the category of Fast Food Joints and Dinners. Which is fine as long as the food is good. But usually “Fine Dining” and “Filipino Food” do not mix.

But in the case of “Patio Filipino“… It mixes wonderfully.


Try the “Crispy Binagoongan” (their Specialty) and “Bistek Tagalog”

Room for Dessert?

Try the “Buko Con Seta” (another Specialty, Patio’s take on the Classic Filipino dessert “Halo Halo” which literally means “Mix Mix”)

Ohh… almost forgot the Reviews

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New Definition of “Walking Your Dog”

Okay, whose idea was this?

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Gimme Friction Baby!

Warning! This game can be very addicting, discretion is advised. Half the fun is figuring out how the game works 🙂

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Time to rule with an iron fist

Apparently to get ahead managers must make sure their employees are miserable.  I’ve been approaching this work and management from the wrong direction.

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Canon 40D

The camera I’ve been waiting for seems to have made an “official” appearance of sorts. Man, oh man. The most exciting features to me about this latest in Canon’s line of prosumer dSLRs are: spot metering, built-in sensor cleaning, multi-speed continuous shot modes and a larger LCD.

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Dell 24″ LCD on Sale

The Dell 2407WFP-HC 24-inch Widescreen FP LCD Monitor is going for 579 clams right now. Just a head’s up.

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Stevie Wonder on U.S. Tour

He’s starting his tour in San Diego next month. Woo-hoo!

“A Wonder Summer’s Night” will feature 13 concerts from Aug. 23 to Sept. 20 in eight states. Stops in California include San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Concord, Santa Barbara, Saratoga and Los Angeles. Other cities include Portland, Ore.; Woodinville, Wash.; Chicago; Detroit; Atlanta; and Baltimore. The final concert will be in Boston.

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