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DIY Mirror Telescope

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This has to be one of the largest, do-it-yourself telescope kits out there. I’m guessing it doesn’t come with an equatorial mount.

Anybody going to check out the Perseid Meteor Shower this weekend?


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10 Minute Mail

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Here’s a handy service that allows you to create a temporary email address. This is great if you wanted to check out some shareware or a forum and you didn’t want to use your real email address.

Think of it as a temporary “Yahoo AddressGuard”.

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Happy 75th Birthday, Lego!


The beloved plastic building blocks that children (and adults) around the world have grown to love celebrate its 75th birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Lego!

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Handy Windows App Replacements

 Assets Resources 2007 04 Xplorer2

Lifehacker has a great article on a collection of free Windows apps that are a step up from what is offered by a default installation of Windows.

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Metal Storm Weapons System

Who would’ve thought that a weapons system based conceptually off of how inkjet printers work could fire 1,000,000 rounds per minute.

Because there are no moving parts (aside from the bullets), according to the video, the firing mechanism can conceivably be powered by AA batteries.

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Compiz Fusion

 2007 08 Compiz Fusion Logos2

Compiz Fusion is a windows manager for Linux. When I was playing around with it, it was very much in an Alpha state. Though the eye-candy at the time was drool-worthy, its bugginess made it more of a hindrance than a productivity booster.

It surely has come a long way, though.

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Here’s a couple of laughs….

There is nothing more magical than the sound of a babies laugh!

(His Wii golf swing must be horrid!)


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Smack the lip, WHAAABAAAHH!

I do not think that this guy is helping the surfer stereotype in anyway. Enjoy!


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