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Robotic Bartender

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For a mere $2575, you can have your very own Virtual Bartender. It’s programmable and password-protectable and it will listen to your problems (just like a real bartender!).

With the fun potential comes the mess potential, so you might want to pick up one of these, too.

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Tyco Tri-clops R/C Car, Looking for Sarah Connor

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Any “toy” that has the ability to track, via laser, a human and then shoot said human with projectiles makes me pause and contemplate the future of humanity.

This is a toy. The military probably has this and various Pokemon deployed in Iraq right now.

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Picnik – Online Photo Editing

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Even though I must admit that Picnik ranks high in the “slickness” department, I’m not fully convinced that something as involved as photo editing should be done within a browser window. That being said, the trend of the future is clear: web-based or web-enabled apps are the way to go.

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Chromatone 312 Key Synth

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Just wow. I can see this being beneficial for non-European music (which is based on a 12 semitone scale). I think I’ll stick with my 88-keys though–I’m too heavily invested. 🙂

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Mr. Uptime

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Here’s an alternative to manually checking a site every 10 seconds if it has recovered from being Slashdot-ed or Boing-Boing-ed.

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What is China Doing?

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China wants to make an inch-by-inch map of the moon and then send an unmanned vehicle to the moon’s surface. Scoping out areas to colonize perhaps?

In other news, 20,000 cameras are being installed in Shenzen (in Southern China) to track the city’s 12.4 million people. Some American facial recognition software is being thrown into the system to make China the largest reality TV subject evar! (My emphatic mispelling denotes echoes… echoes… echoes)

Theories anyone?

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Occupational IQ Comparison

IQ Comparison Site did a study comparing occupational IQs. The results are below. Surprised? Not surprised?

 Images Occsd

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A Different Approach to Note Taking

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In most of the meetings I attend at work, I scribble down notes linearly and walk out of the meeting with a to-do list of actionable items. One of the difficult things to do post-meeting for me, though, is to reconstruct the flow of the meeting and the origins of particular ideas.

Enter Mind Mapping.

The basic gist is to write the purpose of the meeting as a bubble in the center of a page. Agenda items branch off of the central bubble and are connected by lines. Sub-topics branch off of those. This fits in well with the associative memory patterns our minds are comfortable with. Any “off-topic” subject that is brought up is recorded as an unattached “floating” bubble.

Give it a shot and let us know if it works out for you.

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