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Modular PC Concept

 Assets Resources 2007 08 Uni2

I remember a good friend coming up with this idea a few years ago. Makes sense to me. This sure beats performing surgery on your computer anytime you want to upgrade. The aesthetics are more appealing to me as well.

 Assets Resources 2007 08 Uni


August 17, 2007 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry, Science and Technology

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  1. Heh. Looks like the IBM PCJr reinvented. Again. I wouldn’t call it upgradable beyond a certain generation, as data buses change over time, and old buses can’t supply the flow needed for newer technology. 8 bit ISA gave way to 16 bit ISA, which gave way to ISA/VLB, which gave way to PCI, then to AGP for some peripherals, then to PCIe. And those are the buses that have had the most long-term standardization. That doesn’t even begin to address ATA (IDE Mode 0-4, then 66,100,133, then SATA-150, then SATA-300), SCSI (original, wide, ultra, ultra wide, ultra2wide, U160, U320, and at least one, probably two revisions of SAS), several revisions of WIFI, USB, Firewire, bluetooth, etc.

    Comment by TWX | June 12, 2010

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