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320 GB Laptop Hard Drive, For All Your … Data

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2007 08 Toshiba-Mk3252Gsx 230

Can you ever have too much storage? As appealing as this sounds, I’m weary of having that many eggs in one basket–especially in something as prone to danger as a laptop.


August 21, 2007 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry


  1. Sounds like the perfect thing to pop into a new PS3 though. =)

    Comment by agalcid | August 22, 2007

  2. Yeah… I just swapped out the 60 for a 160 in my PS3. Right now it’s about half full with Games, MP3s & Movies. If I ever fill it to the brim, this will be next.

    Also the original 60Gig PS3 are going fast. Get them before they switch over the Software Emulation on the 80s.

    Comment by Bernard | August 22, 2007

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