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Neat to Watch, Boring to Play

I love video games and all, but this is a level above and beyond mere mortals such as I. This group of people used a level editor to create levels that don’t require any input from the player once the level begins. I can barely imagine the time it took to map out the timing and tapestry of it all.


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BookSwim, Netflix for Books

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My wife and I make heavy use of the local public library, so BookSwim doesn’t appeal to us heavily. That being said, though, I can see this being pretty awesome for the Netflix generation.

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Compiz Fusion Omega

It looks like Compiz Fusion has graduated beyond just plain eye-candy. It can already do everything that Window’s Aero interface and Mac OS X’s Aqua interface can do. It’s also highly customizable.

I remember when I was running Compiz on Ubuntu 6.10, my Mac-owner friends were drooling in impotent jealousy. Has anybody tried the latest and greatest Compiz yet?

Lifehacker has a great summary on Compiz Fusion’s key features.

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It’s not a bug…

For all the readers who aren’t software developers or otherwise techie nerds of some kind, I’m sorry. There’s nothing to see here, move along.

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Explaining the Tenth Dimension

I had to watch this at least twice. His explanations of the first through fifth dimensions is nothing many people haven’t heard before, but after that it begins to get really nutty really quickly. Prepare to have your mind blown! (Unless, of course, you are/were a Physics major and you eat this sort of thing like light popcorn.)

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