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Ouch!!! Bush Administration gets spanked in Congress

 All of a sudden I want to move to Ohio.

Okay… I think I’ve reached my Monthly Politics Quota on MCOJ =D

I know what you’re thinking… What bill was Congressman Ryan of Ohio ranting about?

That’s the thing, I’ve been Google-ing and I can’t nail down the actual bill. He mentions something about an Internet Hoax about the Reinstatement of the Draft.

There was a bill proposed by two Democratic Reps in 2004. But according to these Congressmen, it was a form of protest??? Needless to say, the bill never passed.


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A free online jukebox. This is great for listening to entire songs before buying them on itunes. Of course Universal Music is trying to shut them down. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Human Tetris

Happy Monday =D

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