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Is your dog behaving badly at home?

My dog is…

Charlie is chewing up the furniture and barking at inappropriate hours.

So in desperation I consulted a dog trainer and she asked me,

“How often do you walk Charlie?”

I usually walk Charlie for 30 minutes twice a day. And to my surprise, 30 minutes twice a day is not enough for Puppies especially for Beagle Puppies. Puppies just have a seemingly endless amount of energy and you need to empty the tank by the end of the day to keep your puppy and yourself sane.

The trainer suggested that I’d either increase the frequency and length of each walk or continue my present routine and strap one of these on Charlie and load it down with a couple of water bottles.


The theory is to make Charlie work a little harder for a shorter period of time. So a 30 minute walk with the above apparatus equals 60 minute walk without.

Man… sometimes I wish I got a cat instead.


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Darth Unicron

 Assets Resources 2007 08 Star-Trans2

What do you think of these Transformer/Star Wars cross-over ideas? I can’t decide whether to be giddy or nauseous. Be sure to check out the Millenium Falcon transformer, too.

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Keyless Entry Doors Hackable

 Assets Resources 2007 08 Keeloq

You know those handy dandy keyless car entry systems? Well, the bad news is that since most manufacturers went with the same encryption system, KeeLoq, all these cars can be broken into in the same fashion. The good news is that the perp would have to monitor the transmission between the key and the lock for about an hour in order to do so.

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A little Guns n Roses

I bet you’ve never heard them like this. Be sure to listen to the second solo.

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Extreme Golf

Here’s a new sport for you adrenaline junkies out there.

Go Janice!

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Lunar Eclipse Photos

Lunar Eclipse

Here are my photos of August 28th’s Lunar Eclipse. Shot from central coast, CA using 1000 mm f/5 Newtonian telescope and Canon Digital Rebel.

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