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Review of Metroid Prime 3 after 1hr & 15mins of play time.

A game like this confirms why the Wii is outselling the PS3 and XBOX 360.  1hr 15mins into Metroid Prime 3 and I am thoroughly impressed by this game.


Everyone has seen all the promotional videos of MP3 and have wondered,

“Will it play as advertised?”

Oh yes… It plays exactly as advertised.

Game play is completely immersive and surprisingly intuitive. But, those who have not played the Metroid Prime Series (like me) will have some trouble with the learning curve. But the game starts off with the obligatory “Tutorial Level” to get you quickly up to speed.

If Game Play is the “Cake”, Graphics & Sound would be the “Icing”. Unfortunately, Icing is not the Nintendo Wii’s forte. Although I’d have to say MP3 takes the Wii’s graphics capabilities to the absolute limit. It looks stunning on screen at 480p resolution but that’s 480p, the low end on the HighDef scale. As for sound, the Wii console is limited to Dolby Pro Logic II, the low end on the Multi-Channel Surround scale.

Eye & Ear Candy aside, Metroid Prime 3 is an excellent game. If you’re waiting for “The Game” to push you over the edge to buy a Wii, Metroid Prime 3 is “The Game”.


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A Different Way of Making Music

Behold, the TENORI-ON Grid Sequencer.  The interface is game-like and hypnotizing to me.  I wouldn’t mind trying one of these out.

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Many Bothans Died to Bring Us This Information

A USC Institute for Creative Technologies (USC ICT) team created a fully-functioning holographic display utilizing a mirror spinning at 20 revolutions per second.  As James said, “Why didn’t they make a model of the Death Star?  They already did a Tie Fighter!”

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