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Global Calls with Local Rates via $40 SIM Card

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This sounds a little too good to be true. I don’t have an unlocked GSM phone since I’m a Verizon subscriber so I can’t really test this service out. I found it on LifeHacker, though, so that’s credible enough for me to post here. Beware the fine print, though, just to be sure.

So get this: For $40, you can buy this card without the phone. Cubic says that you can slip it into any GSM phone — even your regular T-Mobile or AT&T phone, as long as it’s an “unlocked” phone (one that works with other companies’ SIM cards). Then your own cellphone behaves exactly like the Cubic phone described up to this point.


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130.7 MPH on a Mountain Bike

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How did he stop? Carefully, I’m thinking. Or a drag parachute. Or a rose bush.

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Kegerator Omega

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I can imagine a couple of people who would make excellent use of this refrigerator.
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Knight Rider Redux

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That’s right, folks, there is “talk” of revamping our beloved robot car series. No word yet if Heir Hasslehoff will be making an appearance though, so don’t hold your breath.

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The Histogram As Art

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The above image has a hidden image within it somewhere. Can you find it?

Okay, some photo editing skills are required. If you view the histogram for the above image, you’ll get the following:

 Images Histogramart

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Telemarketing Prank Response

Now, on an intellectual level I can understand that when telemarketers call me, they are just doing their jobs for an hourly wage, and that it their employers – the unholy beings compelling them to call me during breakfast or dinner – that are the appropriate targets of my righteous anger.

That being said, however, I can’t help but feel a twinge of irritation when I receive one of these unsolicited phone calls for insurance, credit card services, etc. When I receive several in a row, it’s difficult not to try to set the person on the other end of the line on fire with my mind alone. Last time I got three such phone calls in a row, I politely declined the first, declined the second somewhat less politely, and by the time the third guy got to me I cut him off by saying, “I’m sorry, I really don’t care,” and hung up. I’m sure if a fourth telemarketer called, I probably would have responded by trying to hate them to death.

But I digress. The video below is the recording of someone with a novel approach to telemarketers. Enjoy:

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R.I.P. Colin McRae

I’m not a follower of this particular motor sport. But as a Gamer who plays a lot of Drive Simulators like Gran Tourismo, Metal Storm & Dirt; I do appreciate the beauty of a perfectly executed Powerslide (a.k.a. Drift).

And Colin McRea is the best at swinging it around.

This… is “Driving”

R.I.P. Colin McRae

“At approximately 4:10 pm on 15 September 2007, an AS350B2 Squirrel helicopter registered to McRae crashed 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Lanark, Scotland, close to the McRae family home. McRae’s agent Jean-√Čric Freudiger stated that McRae was piloting the helicopter at the time of the crash. McRae’s father later confirmed that Colin was at the controls and that the crash was likely to have been the result of a mechanical failure. Police confirmed the next day that McRae, his five year old son Johnny, and two family friends, Graeme Duncan and Johnny’s six year old friend Ben Porcelli, died in the crash. McRae’s previously active website,, was later replaced with a memorial screen stating a few details about the crash, and then with a short statement released on behalf of McRae’s father, Jimmy[, and later a book of condolences, containing over 55,000 entries as of 27 September 2007″

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All This Over Spilled Cake?

I’m still trying to decide how much of this is Fox News over-sensationalized hype.  Either way, I think a broken wrist is pretty excessive for accidentally spilling a slice of birthday cake.

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Interesting Ways to Die

Would you take solace in the fact that your death will provide entertainment for countless people for all time in the form of an internet meme?

Spanish Angler, Maria Cista, 56, was trying to free the hook from a fish’s mouth when the fish jumped out of her hand and into her mouth. She choked to death as it wriggled down her throat.

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Raul Midon – A World Within A World

Via AmazonMp3


The same DRM free album on iTunes is $1 more. Also, if you purchase by the song, iTunes cost $.30 more


Apple better take notice…

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