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Heroes vs X-men

The first time I watched an episode of Heroes I thought to myself, uhh… I think Marvel Comics might have a problem with this show.

Anyways here is a rundown of Heroes characters vs. X-men characters



September 4, 2007 - Posted by | Television


  1. If so, then Marvel might have to do something about Stan Lee, creator of most of Marvel Comics most beloved heroes.

    Stan Lee cameoed in Heroes.

    Comment by Mike | September 4, 2007

  2. I mentally made the same connection while viewing Heroes for the first time. I think Heroes is more than just a TV version of X-Men though. I especially like the way all the characters are eventually connected.

    Comment by huggybear | September 6, 2007

  3. yeah and dont forget the fact that the NBCs heroes also have no alter egos or secret identities. theres no need for all matching suits etc. dont get me wrong, x men will always be far superior to heroes in my eye but as opposed to thinking one would be better that the other id say heroes is just more realistic than x men

    Comment by bryan | April 2, 2009

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