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PS3 Early Adopters Rejoice!

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2007 09 Ps3Compatcheck

If you were able to get your hands on a 60GB PS3, kudos to you! Apparently there are backwards-compatibility issues with the software emulator in the newer 80GB PS3 consoles. You can check to see if a PS2 game will work on either flavor of PS3 via the new Backward Compatibility Status website.

I guess having an actual PS2 embedded within those early PS3 models helps out. 😉


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Working Transformer Cellphone

 Assets Resources 2007 09 11

This is too cool. A guy with entirely too much tiempo libre made his MOTOROKR E6 cell phone into an odd-looking Transformer.

I’m waiting for somebody to do that with their car. How cool would that be?

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First Transformers, Next Robotech and Voltron

 Gimages Robotechmovie

It seems like Hollywood is ready to pillage more of my cherished childhood memories for fat bags of cash money. Once the “giant robot” and comic book franchises are sucked dry, what’s next? Rainbow Brite? Care Bears? Smurfs? Strawberry Shortcake?

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Modern Lifestyle Chart

If you or anyone you know is curious about the effects of mixing and matching chemicals and activities, please refer to the following chart. (Found via


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No Question of Male Dominance in Their Eyes

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A 29-year-old woman in Beijing, China had 23 1″-long needles embedded within her gut. All of the blood in her urine was an indicator. What disturbs me is how these needles got there:

Qu said doctors believe the woman’s grandparents may have inserted the needles long ago, hoping she would die and her parents might have a boy in her place. China limits most families to just one child, although rural Chinese may be allowed to have a second if their first is a girl, subject to the payment of fines.

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Custom iTunes Ringtones

Nice but it only works with a select number of songs. Also the files have to be AAC files.


There is a way to work around it.

I’ve tried the above hack and so far it does not work.

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16GB iPhone on the 3G network… for Europe!?!?

When everyone first heard the details about the iPhone months ago, one of the biggest questions was why they decided to go with the much slower EDGE network, rather than 3G.

Well, since the release of the iPhone, people like myself have been waiting long days, and even weeks before taking the plunge. Now, it looks like Europe is getting the iPhone many of us have been waiting for over here.

If they’re releasing it in Europe in November, I can only imagine something equal to or greater than the hardware described above is in the works for the US in the very near future.

I remain hopeful, though my wallet fears for its safety.

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