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Halo 3 “Believe”

 I just came accross the ad campaign for Halo 3.  In the push up to the release, they have launched the “Believe” advertisements.  The ads are unlike any I’ve seen for a video game.

It looks like they built detailed 3D models of the battle and then filmed it for the comercial.  The level of detail in some of the shots is amazing.  The “Believe” website lets you explore the battleground in further detail.  I’ve come across these two other videos that extend from the first one.


September 20, 2007 - Posted by | Games and Gaming, Video

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  1. These are amazing. They are, hands-down, the most poignant commercials for a video game franchise I have ever seen.

    The documentary-style was a perfect way to engender authenticity. The narration was grave, thoughtful and filled with hope. The final commercial, with the veteran, sealed it for me. It felt like a World War II documentary.

    Comment by Mike | September 20, 2007

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