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M.C. Escher-esk Puzzle Game comes to the PS3 & PSP

No doubt this game was inspired by the works of M.C. Escher & Oscar Reutersvard. Graphic artist known for their funky Impossible Constructions.

 I’ve seen screen shots of this game for months now and have wondered how it plays.



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  1. his art work is insane

    Comment by jt | February 12, 2008

  2. Echochrome is now available for download for PSP & PS3 from the Playstation Network.

    Spent a good 2hrs playing this game last night. Three very interesting aspects about Echochrome.

    1) You can use the SixaxiS contoller to rotate the playing field. This interface is not as fine as using the analog stick. But you can use this feature to quickly rotate to a specific angle then tweak the angle with the analog.

    2) The game has a level editor. I only took a quick glance at it last night.

    3) You can upload & download new playing fields from the Playstation Network. So this game has lots of replay value.

    Comment by xraytech | May 12, 2008

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