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Is Apple’s iPhone Firmware Lockdown a Smart Move?

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The recent iPhone v1.1.1 firmware update made a lot of iPhone hackers very unhappy. I personally believe that having an open and extensible platform that I can develop software applications for makes for huge incentive to purchase an iPhone. Granted, it’s already a cool piece of hardware, but knowing that there are a bunch of geeks out there like me who enjoy making the most of their toys, the benefit of a development community and a huge software base is unquestionably a win.

Look at all the Windows Mobile software running around. Did that hurt Windows Mobile device sales?


October 1, 2007 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry, Rants, Software


  1. You see… That’s why the LINX Phone is going to ROCK!!! To bad there will be only two people who will actually have one.

    Comment by Bernard | October 1, 2007

  2. I feel the same way this guy feels…

    BY PADRIAC AT 09/28/07 01:54 PM
    1) I completely recognize this is subjective
    2) That said, it seems like you’re exaggerating. Yes the hacked iPhone can do more. But what *exactly* is that? Native IM? Okay, but web-based works pretty flawlessly if you have a signal. Native is a small convenience at best. NES emulation? Okay, that’ nice, but seriously non-crucial. Carrier choice and roaming? Totally useless to those in the US who chose AT&T. Command line? Cool, but to tell normal people they should buy the phone because of this? Insanity.
    I understand the point you’re trying to make with this (you want the iPhone to be opened… so do I) but you are 1) Seriously not considering the needs of the average user and 2) Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
    What your verdict should have been is “it depends”.

    Comment by Bernard | October 1, 2007

  3. I’d like to think that we’re “above average” users of technology.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just shared mine. People will disagree. That’s fine. But telling me what my opinion *should* be? That’s not so fine.

    Comment by Mike | October 1, 2007

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