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FeedHub, Smart RSS Feeds

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In order to provide you, my gentle readers, with the (mostly) quality content that MCOJ is synonymous with, I wade through torrents of RSS content. I’ve managed to cull some of the crap via Yahoo Pipes (e.g. nix anything w/Britney Spears, etc.), but most of the time you can’t really sum up your reading preferences via regular expressions.

Enter FeedHub.

You simply dump you OPML into FeedHub and it creates a single RSS firehose to drink from. Each article that you read is wrapped in a light interface that provides functionality equivalent to Tivo’s “Thumb’s Up” and “Thumb’s Down” buttons. As you keep training FeedHub, it gets smarter about what you want to read about.

I’m still in the training phase, so we’ll see how it turns out. Though I can see this being handy for sifting through high volume RSS feeds such as Google/Yahoo News and Gizmodo, I don’t see it applyng to friends’ blogs and web comics.


October 2, 2007 - Posted by | How-To, Software

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