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Another Google Great

So maybe I’m a Google fanboy, but I love a number of their applications.  Maybe love is the wrong term, I certainly appreciate their applications. Picasa is a great bit of software for dealing with all those digital images.  Notebook, Gmail, Google Docs and Spreadsheets.  Then you’ve got their telephony app Goog411 and their SMS search capabilities.  Let’s face it, they’ve got some cool stuff.  Through a side conversation with Mike I found out about Google Sketchup.  It’s awesome.  A quick, easy and fun way to model things in full 3D.  I’ve been looking for ways to model my kitchen in order to figure out how to remodel it (in reality).   I’ve had a piece of architectural foam board staring at me for a while.  I was thinking I’d cut out counters and mark out the floor plan and get busy, and then came Google Sketchup.  It’s a great tool for the geek handyman.  Check out the tutorial videos to really see the power of it.

Here is my first attempt at a kitchen model.  It took a few hours to build after I took measurements of the kitchen and that time includes watching tutorials and learning the tool.  After a few more hours, it would probably only take about 15 minutes, if that, to recreate.  I didn’t take the time to model all the clutter, but I’m sure you could.

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October 3, 2007 - Posted by | Geeks and Gadgetry, Software

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  1. I’ve modeled half my house already with Google SketchUp. This really is an incredibly powerful tool, free or not.

    It’s almost like playing a video game. You are given a fixed set of tools with which to model complex objects.

    I’m sold. šŸ™‚

    Comment by Mike | October 3, 2007

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