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“Serenity” Sequel Possible?

It was a sad day for all the Browncoats out there when we found out there was little to no chance of another Firefly movie, due to Universal’s disappointment at the low box office numbers. However, in a recent interview Alan Tudyk (a.k.a. Wash) has once again stoked the rumor fires with this quote:

“They had to put [the new DVD] out because they’ve been selling out of the other one and so Universal’s like ‘So, let’s do another one’. And now… there’s now a chance there’s going to be another movie.”
“Everybody in the Firefly crew – and that includes the ones who died in the movie – are excited about the prospect of doing another.”


October 4, 2007 - Posted by | Movies


  1. By my stars and garters… that is awesome news!

    Must stay calm.

    Comment by Mike | October 7, 2007

  2. Here’s an answer to this rumor from Jewel Staite.

    Comment by Mike | October 18, 2007

  3. Dammit!

    Sidenote, man is she adorable.

    Comment by agalcid | October 19, 2007

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