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The “Happy” Truth of it all… The Nobility of Teaching Profession


As some of you may know my sister is a “New Teacher”. She teaches the 4th Grade @ Ponderosa Elementary in South San Francisco, California. She just finished her first month of her profession and from the vibe I’m getting from her, she is enjoying every minute of it. And like most people who work for a living, she got paid for her first month of teaching.

“WooHoo!!! First paycheck Rease!!! Let’s go celebrate and for the 1st time, you’re picking up the check”

“Want to see my sorry excuse of a paycheck?”

With a grin she hands it to me,

“Hey that’s not bad.”

I look at her and she says,

“That’s for one month.”

The next thing you hear is the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. Holy Crap!!! I had somewhat of an idea how much teachers are paid these days, but to actually see it. This young lady who was the first in our family to finish a 4 Year Degree, earns 50% less than I do. WTF!!!

After the initial shock, my sister said to me,

“Its okay, don’t worry about me”

Then I remembered back to when she was in the Teaching Credential program. Back when she was questioning the path she took to become a teacher.

One day while preparing the day’s class work with her teaching mentor, one of the 3rd grade boys ran up asking for her help. No big deal, as a student teacher you’re basically the personal assistant to the “Real” teacher. You do it day in and day out till you finish the program, right? But what made this moment so special? Why this kid? Well, the first word that came out of this 3rd Grader’s mouth was the “Slam Dunk” of all epiphanies. This little 3rd Grade boy called my sister, “Mommy”.

Yeah Sis… No worries =D

(My apologies to all Teachers out there for any mistakes in grammar and spelling. I’m just “Shooting from the Hip”)


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