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Smart Folders in OS X

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I make heavy use of the Smart Playlists in iTunes. Being able to make a playlist based on composer or artist that is dynamically generated is an essential feature to me nowadays.

It never occurred to me to make use of Smart Folders in OS X, though. I love the conceptual integrity of functionality between Mac apps.

If you want to dig even deeper into OS X’s Smart Folders, you can.


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Big Brother Upgrade

 2007 Agesexcam
So apparently cameras can give a ballpark age range based on facial recognition technology. I’d love to see the white paper on how this is done.

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75,974 Cups O’ Joe Served

I added a couple of islands to the right navigation column on this site: a bunch of “chicklets” to make it easier to add this site to your favorite RSS aggregator, and a hit counter.

Fellow authors/contributors to Cup O’ Joe, keep up the great work!

New readers, welcome!

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