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The SplashTop Platform

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I’m sure that most of us experienced a situation where we just wanted to turn on the computer really quickly to just check email or send a short IM to someone. Sure, you can just put your system to Sleep, but that still consumes power (albeit, a very low amount). You really want an instant-on system, though.

SplashTop looks to fulfill this niche market by providing an embedded Linux environment that boots off of flash memory that itself is embedded into a motherboard. Built into this Linux environment are Firefox and Skype. You won’t be able to modify these installations beyond saved cookies and bookmarks. That shouldn’t be a problem since this environment is for those “quick” interactions. This isn’t where you’d do heavy research or involved operations.

Another nice perk is that this environment is pretty isolated from whatever OS you would normally boot up in from the hard drive.

Neat idea.


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Ever wonder why X-ray Technologists always stay outside the room?

Well here’s why…


The following are comparisons of effective radiation dose with background radiation exposure for several radiological procedures.

mSv or milisievert is the SI derived unit of dose equivalent.

For this procedure:

Your effective radiation dose is: Comparable to natural background radiation for:
Abdominal region:
Computed Tomography (CT)-Abdomen

10 mSv

3 years

Computed Tomography (CT)-Body

10 mSv

3 years

Computed Tomography (CT)-Colonography

5 mSv

20 months

Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP)

1.6 mSv

6 months

Radiography-Lower GI Tract

4 mSv

16 months

Radiography-Upper GI Tract

2 mSv

8 months

Central Nervous system:
Computed Tomography (CT)-Head

2 mSv

8 months

Computed Tomography (CT)-Spine

10 mSv

3 years


4 mSv

16 months

Computed Tomography (CT)-Chest

8 mSv

3 years


0.1 mSv

10 days

Children’s imaging:
Voiding Cystourethrogram

5-10 yr. old: 1.6 mSv

6 months

Infant: 0.8 mSv

3 months

Face and neck:
Computed Tomography (CT)-Sinuses

0.6 mSv

2 months

Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring

2 mSv

8 months

Men’s Imaging:
Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

0.01 mSv

1 day

Women’s Imaging:
Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

0.01 mSv

1 day


0.7 mSv

3 months


1 mSv

4 months


0.7 mSv

3 months


Concerned? =D

“The decision to have and X-ray Exam is a medical one, based on the likelihood of benefit from the exam and the potential risk from radiation….”

Basically in a nutshell… When your doctor orders an X-ray Exam for you, there’s a very good reason why.

Well here’s a little bit of Trivia:

If you were 1000 meters away from a nuclear explosion, you would receive and effective radiation dose of 4000mSv. That’s equivalent to over 1300 years worth of natural background radiation.

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Heroes Season 2 or is it a Star Trek Reunion

Are you kidding me!!!

Were the words I said after seeing Episode 3 of Heroes Season 2.

A certain “Communications Officer” of the original Star Trek Crew was thrown into the mix Monday night on the Television Series, Heroes.


First Helmsman, Hikaru Sulu in Season 1

Now Communications Officer, Uhura in Season 2.

Who’s next? Navigator, Pavel Andreievich Checkov?

(If you’re not up to speed, Heroes Season 1 is out on DVD right now.)

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La Crosse Technology BC-900 Alpha Battery Charger

 900 Large

Being a photographer, I make heavy use of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries for my flash units. Because of this, I lust after battery related technology on a semi-regular basis.

This charger is sexy. Check out its feature set.

You can get it for $50 at Amazon.

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