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Heroes Season 2 or is it a Star Trek Reunion

Are you kidding me!!!

Were the words I said after seeing Episode 3 of Heroes Season 2.

A certain “Communications Officer” of the original Star Trek Crew was thrown into the mix Monday night on the Television Series, Heroes.


First Helmsman, Hikaru Sulu in Season 1

Now Communications Officer, Uhura in Season 2.

Who’s next? Navigator, Pavel Andreievich Checkov?

(If you’re not up to speed, Heroes Season 1 is out on DVD right now.)


October 9, 2007 - Posted by | Television


  1. Don’t forget that Mr. Linderman on Heroes was the bad guy on Star Trek Generations who killed Kirk and the Irish guy who Peter Petrelli almost choked to death is the weapons officer on Star Trek Enterprise and Sylar is playing Spock in the Next Star Trek movie.

    Comment by Jim Savage | October 10, 2007

  2. Umm… not everyone is caught up with Heroes.

    You could’ve given a spoiler warning, dude.

    Am I going to have to start moderating all of your posts?

    Comment by Mike | October 10, 2007

  3. Sheesh!!!

    Okay… Yet another group I’ve offended. =D

    Comment by Bernard | October 10, 2007

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