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The SplashTop Platform

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I’m sure that most of us experienced a situation where we just wanted to turn on the computer really quickly to just check email or send a short IM to someone. Sure, you can just put your system to Sleep, but that still consumes power (albeit, a very low amount). You really want an instant-on system, though.

SplashTop looks to fulfill this niche market by providing an embedded Linux environment that boots off of flash memory that itself is embedded into a motherboard. Built into this Linux environment are Firefox and Skype. You won’t be able to modify these installations beyond saved cookies and bookmarks. That shouldn’t be a problem since this environment is for those “quick” interactions. This isn’t where you’d do heavy research or involved operations.

Another nice perk is that this environment is pretty isolated from whatever OS you would normally boot up in from the hard drive.

Neat idea.


October 9, 2007 - Posted by | Linux, Software

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