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inbox zero

For all you interested in GTD or personal productivity, I recently came across Merlin Mann‘s Inbox Zero talk at Google.

So how many of you have email you’ve read floating around, waiting for you to take action on? I certainly could use a healthy dose of email optimization.


October 10, 2007 - Posted by | General, Science and Technology, Video

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  1. The system I’ve settled on is pretty similar to Merlin Mann’s system. For my personal email, I keep 4 folders:

    – Inbox
    – _ACTION
    – _HOLD
    – Archives

    When mail arrives in my Inbox, if I can reply to it in under 2 minutes, I’ll do it. If it’s junk, I delete it. If it’s something I need to act upon within a week, I move it into _ACTION. If it’s something I know I’ll be referencing within 2 months, I move it into _HOLD. Everything else, including “Sent Items” get funnelled into Archives (so that I can view threaded conversations).

    I’ve been thinking about trying to apply this system to my work email, but I can’t seem to.

    Comment by Mike | October 10, 2007

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