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Disable Windows AutoReboot Functionality

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I usually leave my workstation at work on overnight to keep my “context” persisted so I can pick up from where I left off. On more than one occasion, though, Windows XP performed a system update (which is fine) then decided to reboot in the middle of the night.

Very annoying.

Here’s freeware that disables this functionality. The commenters in that Lifehacker article also suggest the following.

For you registry hackers out there, here’s another option:


RebootRelaunchTimeout Reg_DWORD
Range=n; where n=time in minutes (1-1440).
Time between prompting again for a scheduled restart.

RebootRelaunchTimeoutEnabled Reg_DWORD
Range = 0|1
1 = Enable RebootRelaunchTimeout.
0 = Disable custom RebootRelaunchTimeout(use default value of 10 minutes).

And if you’d rather just mess with Services, at the command-line:



October 11, 2007 - Posted by | How-To, Software, Windows


  1. You could also just configure Windows to automatically download, but not to install. That way it would pop up a little notifier that you’ve got updates downloaded and ready to install at your leisure. The benefit here is that, unlike the freeware mentioned above, you don’t have updates installed with various libraries in a state of flux, waiting for a reboot.

    And if you stop the wuauserv service, that will actually disable automatic updates completely (including downloads and checks). In the Services control panel, the display name of the wuauserv service is “Automatic Updates” (for those of you who don’t like to use command lines).

    I just set my machines to auto download but not auto install, then I just install the updates when I choose. That way there’s no worry about random reboots, or having to disable random reboots. 🙂

    Comment by Joe | October 11, 2007

  2. Great advice, Joe!

    Comment by Mike | October 11, 2007

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