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The Monkeysphere

A thinking monkey.

“The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.”

This article is by far the best explanation I’ve heard to date for why human beings as a whole have such a natural predilection towards jackassery. And it explains it with monkeys.

In a nutshell, some scientists performed a study on the correlation between monkeys’ brain size and their social dynamics. They found that in general, the size of the monkey’s brain determined the size of the social groups they would form, and that this correlation also held for other creatures with well-developed brains. For most monkeys, they found that most groups had 50 or so individuals. Interestingly enough, for a brain the size of a human’s, the estimate was that the ideal group size would be about 150.

This basically explains why we all go a little insane when we’re in a group of more than 150 people or so.


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