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Street Fighter IV Teaser Trailer

Okay, I’m squealing like a little girl over this.  Capcom’s Street Fighter series is as dear to me as Donkey Kong.  It represented a phase in my childhood where I would find excuses to hang out with friends at convenience stores to play a few rounds of Street Fighter II.

The trailer doesn’t show actual gameplay (or so we think), but the animation is breath-taking.  I love the stylization of it.


October 18, 2007 - Posted by | Games and Gaming, Video


  1. Oh man!!!

    I remember loitering @ my local 7-11, lining up quarters for next-up on the Street Fighter machine. Good times.

    This installment of the franchise has an “Okami” flavor. Oh… speaking of “Okami”, Mike have you touched the game yet.

    Comment by Bernard | October 18, 2007

  2. Haven’t played Okami yet. I heard that it will be coming out for the Wii, though, so I might just wait for that (and a Wii, too).

    Comment by Mike | October 18, 2007

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