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IMAP on Gmail

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Here’s an interesting help topic for Gmail: Getting Started with IMAP for Gmail

Apparently some users are seeing an IMAP option under Settings -> Forwarding and POP. If you’re one of the lucky ones, let us know how it works out!


October 24, 2007 - Posted by | News


  1. Hmm… interesting. In my mind the whole point of Gmail is that it’s a universally accessible, well designed web interface. I used to host all my mail on a private mail server with IMAP access, and I specifically migrated to Gmail so I could have a great web interface anywhere I went. No need to worry about having a machine (or device) with an imap client.

    I mean, obviously, there will be people who prefer an IMAP client over Gmail’s web interface, but then I have to ask: Why make a Gmail account if you’re not going to use the main aspect of it that makes it useful (the web interface)?

    Comment by Joe | October 24, 2007

  2. Oh, and I’m not seeing the option. 🙂

    Comment by Joe | October 24, 2007

  3. I love Gmail’s web interface, especially all the keyboard shortcuts, but for me, Gmail’s Spam filtering is second to none. That alone is enough for me to want to filter my email through Gmail.

    Comment by Mike | October 24, 2007

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