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Not Just Any Dog

Humorous alternative to the usual “Missing Pet” flyers you see posted around town. 🙂

From BoingBoing.


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Has anyone played with Zoho’s Office Suite? Lifehacker has a comparison between Google Apps and Zoho that piques my interest.

Are web browser-based software solutions really the future? It would seem so considering the proliferation of such apps in the last couple of years. I still firmly believe that any app that you can potentially spend 6 – 8 hours working with each day needs to be a local desktop application. Being confined to the limitations of a browser doesn’t seem like a strong software model.

That being said, the demand for browser-based apps is clearly present. What do you think?

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United Airlines Dropping “Baggage Neutrality?”

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I haven’t had much luck with United Despairlines the last time I went on vacation. United Airlines CEO Glenn Tilton wants to build on that wonderfully negative experience by “charging passengers who want their luggage to come first off the plane.” Beautiful.

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Twig and Berries

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You can find a blog of just about anything nowadays. Here’s one that focuses on comic book panels featuring earth shattering attacks. 😉

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Amazingly Detailed Lego Starship

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This is an amazing creation. Check out all the interior shots of this ship here.

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Last One Standing

Imagine that you’re a person with an above average level of athletic ability. You’re given a crash course on a Tribal Sport or Martial Art, and then thrown into competition against the best of the best.

Last One Standing

If the Discovery Channel decides to pick up the show for another season, I’d like to see Filipino Martial Arts (a.k.a. Arnis, Eskrima or Kali) profiled on the show.

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What do you get…

… when you cross this

with this?

You get this…

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