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Daily Show on FOX News on SoCal Fires

Last week, with no actual evidence, FOX News decided to repeatedly report that the fires in Southern California were the work of Al Qaeda operatives.

Instead, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart wonders if “perhaps Al Qaeda is trying to infiltrate a cable news channel and staff it with morons.”


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I have a garage full of old gadgetry and tech. I can’t bring myself to just toss that crap out. Will I be polluting the environment with heavy metals? Am I throwing away something valuable? Will somebody else find value in it?

Well, SecondRotation aims to answer the latter two of the aforementioned questions:

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1) Estimate It: Use our online step-by-step pricing guide to locate your gadget and find out what it’s worth.
2) Ship It: Follow our Shipping Guidelines to pack and ship your gadget. And what’s even better? Shipping within the continental United States is absolutely FREE!
3) Cash It In: We’ll send your payment as soon as we check out your gadget. It’s that simple.

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Promachoteuthis sulcus; Crazy-freaky Squid with Human-Like Teeth

 Images  Tree Tolimages Promachspcoral
I can’t stop looking at this photo.

From BoingBoing:

Apparently, this is real. Species: Promachoteuthis sulcus. According to the Tree of Life Web project, the single specimen is 25 mm and was captured at a depth of nearly 2000 meters in the south Atlantic Ocean off Tristan Da Cunha.

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Instant Pancakes

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When I first heard about Batter Blaster, I thought it was a prank product. I was so very wrong. Check out this commercial.

It’s available at CostCo(!). So when are we going to start finding videos on YouTube showing people downing this stuff straight from the can?

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Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed

Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again

From The Onion:

Modesto, CA residents turned out for the city’s annual Ninja Parade, where no ninjas were seen for the 30th year in a row.

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The Fastest Vista Laptop? A Macbook Pro.

Now I literally cannot think of a single reason why my next computer won’t be a Mac.

Fanboys on both sides can yell all they want, but the fact of the matter is that operating systems are tools meant to facilitate accomplishing tasks. There are things I want to do that Macs do better (running anything Adobe, resource/window management), and there are things that I want to do that Windows does better (like computer games, wider variety of random apps). (Tangent: There are probably things I want to do that Linux also does comparably well, but in all honesty I don’t think I could deal with Linux because I am a very lazy person.)

With things like Parallels for the lighter apps and Boot Camp for the more intensive things like gaming, it’s seemed to me for a long time that Macs had the upper hand in terms of versatility (that is, Macs can do Windows but not the other way around). One thing I always wondered about, though, was whether I’d be sacrificing any performance by booting to Windows on a Mac, rather than having a high performance laptop designed for Windows in the first place.

Well, it looks like PC World has answered my question. They tested a slew of laptops from the most popular manufacturers, including Gateway, Dell, Alienware, etc. Ironically, the Macbook Pro outdid all of them in terms of performance in Windows Vista.

From the article:

The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year is a Mac. Try that again: The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year–or for that matter, ever–is a Mac. Not a Dell, not a Toshiba, not even an Alienware. The $2419 (plus the price of a copy of Windows Vista, of course) MacBook Pro’s PC WorldBench 6 Beta 2 score of 88 beats Gateway’s E-265M by a single point, but the MacBook’s score is far more impressive simply because Apple couldn’t care less whether you run Windows.

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