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How Compact Discs are Mass Produced

I thought they used huge banks of CD Writers to do this, but the process is a bit similar to the pressing vinyl records.


November 6, 2007 - Posted by | Science and Technology, Video | , ,


  1. That’s the reason a “pressed” disc lasts so much longer than a “burned” disc. A burned disc is basically using a dye sort of material that gets discolored during the burning process. Over time that dye material degrades and, unfortunately, data integrity along with it. Pressed discs, though, don’t have that same problem. So don’t store all your important long-term photos and documents on optical disc! 🙂

    Comment by Joe | November 6, 2007

  2. It’s neat to finally see a video of an original optical disc being created. I’ve always heard it was “pressed”, but wasn’t sure how they did it. Very cool!

    Comment by Joe | November 6, 2007

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