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Update on Gmail and Imap

Last week IMAP was finally enabled for me.  I set it up according to the instructions from google for Thunderbird 2.0.  So far it’s been good, I have less sorting going on than when I was using POP.  Some funny labels started showing up in the web client though.  [Imap]/Drafts for example.  On top of that, I spent about 40 minutes writing up an email the other night before sending it off.  When I next logged in to the web client, I was surprised to see roughly 10 additional threads to the conversation.  Every time Thunderbird had apparently auto-saved.  Gmail thought it was a new revision of the thread.  Thankfully, I was the only one who saw this behavior and the recipients had only seen a single email from me.  In any event, I did a little searching to see what I could do about the new labels and possibly the bizarre threading.  I found a good article on Lifehacker that gave a good explanation on how to clean things up.

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Don’t Piss Off Your In-Laws or the FBI

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(from Yahoo News)

When the husband refused to stay home, his father-in-law wrote an email to the FBI saying the son-in-law had links to al-Qaeda in Sweden and that he was travelling to the US to meet his contacts.

He provided information on the flight number and date of arrival in the US.

The son-in-law was arrested upon landing in Florida. He was placed in handcuffs, interrogated and placed in a cell for 11 hours before being put on a flight back to Europe, the paper said.

The FBI contacted Swedish intelligence agency Saepo, which discovered that the email tipping off the FBI had been sent from the father-in-law’s computer.

The father-in-law has been charged with aggravated libel.

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Credit Card Rewards

 Assets Resources 2007 11 Rewards Cards Scaled

Credit card reward offers are tempting, but what do they really entail? Lifehacker links to a great article summarizing what to look out for in terms of these items.

What credit card offers do you guys partake in (if at all)?

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The Last Starfighter Arcade Cabinet

 Assets Resources 2007 11 Last Starfighter
If I ever saw this in an arcade, rest assured that I would not rest until I have conquered its offerings, and consequently be chosen to protect the galaxy!

The Last Starfighter was every video gamer’s fantasy come true. “What? My video game skills can save the universe?”

Death Blossom!

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