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When text to Speech breaks down and other work travel observations

Adding blog entries from the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.  I feel so geeky and jet set like.  Actually I’m just finding the challenges of traveling alone and trying to accomplish some work while on the road in ultra anal post 9/11 TSA land.  You drink too much coffee because you had to be on the road at 5:00 to catch a flight.  You deal with all of the people that didn’t read about the TSA 3-1-1 rule and are trying to clear security with too much liquid, no clear baggie, explosive shoes and what not.  Uh, how can people not know that you aren’t supposed to have large volumes of liquid or things like pocket knives?

Finally I get to Phoenix for a 4 hour layover and fire up the laptop.  Happily, Phoenix airport offers free wifi.  So I’m connected and actually have been pretty productive for a couple of hours.  But then it hit’s you, time to get rid of that cup of coffee and nobody is going to watch a strangers stuff for a couple of minutes, heck they’re announcing on the overhead not to do that all the time.  What a pain!  Pack up the laptop, carry your stuff to the bathroom take care of business find your way back.  Oh great, someone “stole” your seat next to the power outlet.  Argh, find new territory.

Next time, maybe I’ll just mark my territory like a dog and kill two birds with one stone.

What about the first part of the subject you say? 

Sky Harbor clearly is using some text to speech tools for their various announcements, for the most part it seems to work pretty well.  Then the following statement came across, you’ll have to imagine the voice, but we all know roughly what a computer traditionally talks like.

“Passenger John Doe, please call one billion eight hundred million four hundred sixty six thousand four hundred eleven.”

Not only that, it didn’t even repeat it.  I don’t think John made his call.  It’s only about half way through hearing that you recognize it is a phone number and by then the processing in my brain was already behind.

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November 10, 2007 - Posted by | Humor

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