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HD Format Battle Continues; Still Too Close to Call

Do you claim Red or Blue?




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  1. Umm… who cares? Either way, it’s still just a freakin’ TV. Let’s let the guys with piles of disposable income figure it out. …But really, wouldn’t it be great for everyone if VHS won over BETA again?

    Comment by DT | November 15, 2007

  2. I think the reason most people (who don’t have disposable income) care about this is that we finally have readily available technology available to us that *dramatically* improves picture quality. Many of us already have high-def televisions, and we would very much like to start watching high-def movies on those tvs. Since we don’t have disposable income we don’t want to choose a side, because that side may go away in the future.

    If the format wars would finally just get settled, we could all start moving towards one format, vast numbers of movies would start being made available on that format, and we’d all be able to bask in the glory of high-def.

    Unfortunately, we are all stuck waiting to see which side will win for reasons that are not technology based. It’s just politics and marketing driving the “format war,” and that can be a frustrating reason to have to sit and wait when all this technology is available now.

    Another reason sooner would be more preferable than later is because I don’t plan on replacing my existing DVDs with high-def versions. I just don’t have the money. So every DVD I buy today is one more that I won’t own in HD down the road (unless I find a smokin’ deal I just can’t pass up). The sooner one HD format becomes standard, the sooner I can start buying HD discs instead of DVD discs. I guess that may sound sort of silly, since many people might simply respond with “just don’t buy more DVDs then”. But dadgummit… that just doesn’t work. 🙂

    Comment by Joe | November 15, 2007

  3. Looks Like BETA wins this time. =D

    Comment by xraytech | January 13, 2008

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