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Cal Marching Band’s Video Game Halftime Show

From Gizmodo:

This is the Cal band playing a halftime show from earlier this month. It’s their “video game show,” and it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. They run through a number of classic game songs, all while forming scenes from the games out of the band itself. It’s got everything from Pong and Tetris to Zelda and Mario, and it’s amazing. It makes me want to play Nintendo and join a drum line all at the same time. Well, maybe just play Nintendo, but you get the idea.


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SanDisk Vaulter 16GB SDD

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SanDisk just released Vaulter, a 16GB (& 8GB) flash drive for laptops designed to hold just your OS and whatever applications and/or data you choose. It’s not meant to replace your main laptop hard drive. Vaulter connects to your laptop via the PCIe port, so some special drivers are required.

Too bad this will only be available to OEM partners at first.

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Cubicle Stepper; Sweaty Potential

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Yet another hamster wheel for the cubicle rat…er hamster. The catch here is that if you slack off in your stepping, the device will lock your mouse and/or keyboard. You’ll have to keep up the pace in order to do work. There’s potential here, but I imagine it’d be hard to concentrate on something if you’re moving too actively.

One Gizmodo commenter had this to say:

Every once in a while, a product comes along that makes me want to kill myself.

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Odd Funereal Tradition

 Images Hmashes
Apparently some odd people have decided to have their ashes spread at Disneyland on rides such as the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean.


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