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Firefox 3 Beta 1

Anybody willing to give the Firefox 3 beta a shot and report back on how it performs? 🙂


November 20, 2007 - Posted by | Linux, Mac, Software, Windows


  1. Okay, I took the bait and installed it. It’s definitely fast, but it’s also definitely a beta. About 90% of my add-ons/extensions weren’t compatible so I just rolled back to Firefox 2. Unfortunately I need my precious extensions to function normally, so I’m out as a beta testing candidate.

    I must say that I was impressed by the few minutes I had it running, though. 🙂

    Comment by Mike | November 20, 2007

  2. I just gave it a try. It is unbelievably fast! My netvibes home page loads in half the time it takes to load under Firefox 2. Bummer about the extensions, I too need them. Once they get firebug running, I’ll think about making the switch.

    Comment by Dave | November 20, 2007

  3. Yep, screamin’ fast. 🙂

    Another thing – I’m temporarily having to use my laptop without its cooling fan (don’t ask), so I have to monitor the CPU temp constantly. This beta seems to have a lot less CPU usage than Fx 2.

    Comment by Adam | January 2, 2008

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