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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Yep, that’s Summer Glau playing the role of a Terminator this coming January 13, 2008 on that most hated of television networks: Fox. How can there be a new show with the WGA strike going on?


November 28, 2007 - Posted by | Movies, Television, Video


  1. It’s like they say, “Life immitates xkcd.”

    Comment by radium226 | November 28, 2007

  2. You beat me to that link Tom. =) But it describes perfectly what came to mind as soon as I saw this article.

    I guess you don’t really need a staff of writers to come up with material for a show like this. You just need an entire cadre of fight choreographers.

    Also, my official position on the matter is: anything Summer Glau equals yes.

    Comment by agalcid | November 28, 2007

  3. “In the Can” and ready to air. Maybe that’s how this show got around the WGA Strike.

    Comment by Bernard | November 28, 2007

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