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Redundant storage for the non-technical

I for one haven’t hit the point of feeling like I need a RAID at home, but as we move to a more and more electronic based society, trusting your data to a laptop drive and possibly a single external USB disk for backup starts getting a little sketchy.  This product, while not cheap, may be a solution for those of us that just want simple stuff that works.

Drobo “The world’s first storage robot”.  Somehow I kind of doubt the validity of that statement, but maybe it’s a device that your mom could actually upgrade storage on without having to understand how to format a drive or migrate data.

Interesting concept at least.

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Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End

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Vernor Vinge is one of my favorite science-fiction authors (A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky are required reading for any sci-fi fan). In a bold move, Vinge decided to make one of his novels, Rainbows End, available for free on the internets!

That’s pretty awesome.


To the Net-based cognitive tools that are changing our lives —
Wikipedia, Google, and the others of their kind, now and in the future.

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Poodwaddle Earth Clock

Joe sent me a link to the Earth Clock (pictured above). Having information of this kind presented in a clock/timer format really changes your perspective. Be sure to check out the other clocks on this site.

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How To Memorize Anything

Rote memorization is probably the worst skill I have. It’s nice to be reaffirmed that our brains work mainly by association, so I don’t feel so bad when I forget something.

Wired’s How To Wiki has a great post on memorization techniques.

“Golf club, tree, rake, cat” is much shorter then “An old man was hitting balls with his golf club getting one stuck in a tree. He fetched a rake to get it down out of the leaves, surprised to find there was a cat stuck in it”, yet the latter is much easier to remember. Most memorization is based on this principle, adding useless information to make things (including non-structured information such as numbers or lists) into fully linked concepts that can be recalled and condensed to the original information.

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The End of Books?

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In an effort to reduce the amount of clutter in our house, we started selling/donating/throwing away unneeded belongings. One of the toughest things I’m currently dealing with is the excess of books we have. I already made a couple of passes to get rid of books I probably won’t ever read too often and donated them to the public library.

On the flipside, though, “eReaders” are starting to pick up some steam in terms of availability and selection. Has anyone considered picking one up? The idea of having an entire library at my fingertips is appealing in its efficiency. I’d miss the visceral feel of a book (and the ability to lend it to someone), though.


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