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A must have for your coffee table

Discovered this photographer while flipping thru the channels the other day.

The Photographer is Andrew Zuckerman and the book is “Creature


What you see below is an excellent example of “High Key Lighting




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Jay Leno & Conan O’Brien crossing the Picket Lines

“Late-night TV hosts Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien plan to cross picket lines to resume taping shows on Jan. 2, nearly two months after the Hollywood writers strike forced them off the air… “


Don’t know what to think about this.

On one hand, I’m all for getting what is due to you. Then on the other hand, what about the “Non-Writing Staff” who are out of jobs until a new contract is settled.

In the mean time, the networks have a stock pile of new shows that can last well into the new year and don’t forget those Reality Shows that everyone likes. Looks like the WGA may be the first to crack in negotiations.


Letterman will also resume taping on January 2, 2008

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Geometry Wars hits the Wii & DS!!!

The best Shooter every made, makes it to the Nintendo Wii and DS.

Brilliant interface for this game. You use the Wiimote to aim & shoot and the Nunchuk to move.

The only problem I see with the DS version is that you aim & shoot with the stylus. I’ve played other DS games with this kind of interface and I usually get a really bad case of Writer’s Cramp. For handheld gaming, I think Geometry Wars would have been a better fit on the Sony PSP.


On the Wii version, you have the option to use the “Classic” Controller. The Classic controller is by far more responsive than using the Wiimote.

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Street Fighter IV Gameplay

I want this game now… 

Towards the end of the video they mention the differences between Soul Calibur & Street Fighter.

I am definitely a Street Fighter Player. I just can’t remember all those button and motion sequences to enjoy Soul Calibur.

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Warner Brothers may end the HD Format War this 2008

Since the announcement this past August of Paramount Pictures & Dreamworks dropping Blu-ray and going exclusively with the HD-DVD format, Toshiba & Sony are now pulling out all the stops to get Warner Brothers (the only Company to offer both Blu-ray and HD-DVD) to choose one format over the other.


“Apparently Warner Brothers would like to wait out the holiday season to see which format sells the most players, giving them a larger installed base of consumers to sell their software to. According to Business Week, by the end of the year there should be 578,000 HD-DVD players in the marketplace compared with 370,000 Blu-ray systems. Where things get sticky is the 4 million Playstation 3’s out there that can play Blu-ray. Some reports have said only about 40% of those with a PS3 have bought a Blu-ray movie, but that would still be an additional 1.2 million units.”


Hmm… I guess the smoke should clear this coming January 7th @ CES

Don’t know about you, but I think Sony is finally getting the BetaMax monkey of its back. And If Blu-ray goes the way of BetaMax, no skin off my nose. I’ll just use my PS3 to Play games. =D

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Don’t want to commit to a Hi-Def Format?

Still on the Hi-Def Format Fence but still want to view your Standard 480p DVDs on you Hi-Def 720p/1080i /1080p TV?

Try an Upscaling DVD Player


It’s a High-end player, but there are less expensive alternatives.

If you’re feeling very very very “Three Sheets To The Wind”, try a Dual Format Player.

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RC Plane in a Tunnel

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to fly an RC plane like this. Maybe because it’s dangerous? The effect definitely has a videogame-esque feel to it.

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Aperture Lego Science

It was only a matter of time before a lego homage to Portal was made.

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Robotic Foosball

I know a certain someone (*cough*Radium226*cough*) who might be interested in building this.

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You usually can’t find a hard drive like this for under $75. It’s only for today, so hurry!

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