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Pollute Your Mac By Installing Internet Explorer

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Though the idea of installing a Windows app on a Mac may be sacrilegious to the zealots out there, one of the necessities of being a web application developer is access to as many browsers as possible. That’s the curse. We need to be make sure that our websites look the same in all browsers on all platforms, especially Internet Explorer (since it has an 80% user share last time I checked).

Check out ies4osx if you’re interested. It’s free and pretty straightforward.


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Star Wars Merchandising Has Jumped the Shark

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I just recently learned about the term “Jumping the Shark.” According to Wikipedia:

The term jumping the shark alludes to a scene in the TV series Happy Days when the popular character Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli, jumps over a shark while water skiing. The scene was so preposterous that many believed it to be an ill-conceived attempt at reviving the declining ratings of the flagging show.

Since then the phrase has become a colloquialism used by U.S. TV critics and fans to denote the point at which the characters or plot of a TV series veer into a ridiculous, out-of-the-ordinary storyline. Such a show is typically deemed to have passed its peak. Once a show has “jumped the shark” fans sense a noticeable decline in quality or feel the show has undergone too many changes to retain its original charm.

But I digress… Star Wars Rubber Duckies?!?

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Piggyback Your iPhone’s EDGE Connection

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Want to take advantage of that unlimited data plan on your sexy new iPhone? Here’s how.

Yeah, it’s pretty involved. You’ll need a hacked iPhone and will have to setup an SSH proxy, and the connection will be slow compared to what you are used to when hooked up via wifi, but hey, a slow connection is better than no connection, right? I’m guessing that with the ubiquity of wifi networks nowadays, the handy-dandiness of this will be minimal. This does appeal to the tinkerer within, though.

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As someone who is on a mission to get rid of excessive material belongings, I love finding little outfits like this. I’d rather see my old electronics reused/recycled instead of being dumped into a landfill somewhere.

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