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From the “Wayback” Machine: Apple Stores are Doomed

This BusinessWeek article, posted on May 21, 2001, explains all of the reasons why opening retail Apple stores would be a huge mistake for the company.

One of the best quotes:

Given the decision to set up shop in high-rent districts in Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, and Jobs’s hometown of Palo Alto, Calif., the leases for Apple’s stores could cost $1.2 million a year each, says David A. Goldstein, president of researcher Channel Marketing Corp. Since PC retailing gross margins are normally 10% or less, Apple would have to sell $12 million a year per store to pay for the space. Gateway does about $8 million annually at each of its Country Stores. Then there’s the cost of construction, hiring experienced staff. “I give them two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake,” says Goldstein.

Fast forward to today:

From a New York Times article published on May 19, 2006 (almost exactly five years after the above BusinessWeek article was published):

Apple now has 147 stores — all but 14 in the United States — and is adding new ones at the rate of 40 a year. Sales at the stores more than doubled last year, to nearly $2.4 billion, and same-store sales, those open at least a year, increased 45 percent.


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Street Fighter IV Unveiled!


…the game’s graphics are polygonal but the gameplay is strictly 2D. There will be new moves, locations, and gameplay features, while the standard six button control scheme remains. Ryu and Ken return along with Chun-Li and Dhalsim, but beyond that the character roster is a mystery. And then there’s the issue of what platform(s) the game will end up on, which at this point Capcom is keeping close to its chest (if you search 1UP’s database, you’ll find listings for arcade, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, but those are just guesses based on the graphical quality).

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Google Mac Developer Playground

For those of you running Apple hardware, or those of us thinking about purchasing a Mac, Google has a site dedicated to the development of tools specifically for the Mac platform. Pretty geeky stuff for the most part, but this is sort of the formation ground for new and nifty tools for your Mac.

Google Mac Developer Playground

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Blog Stats – What an August!

Looks like we peaked out in August. 🙂 Keep up with the quality content, guys. Thanks for contributing!


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Another tech-bubble?

For those of us hoping to ride another wave of cash thrown to the winds of technology…

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Another Handy Use for a Can Opener

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I’m sure all of you at one point or another have dealt with the frustration of trying to open those hermetically-sealed plastic blister packagings. You want to get to your toys, but that annoying bubble of consumer hate prevents you from doing so. Scissors usually work if they are strong enough. Knives work, as well, but there is risk to your digits.

Ever try a can opener?

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How Connected (Read: Stalk-able) Are You?

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Lifehacker has a feature on How to Track Down Anyone Online. I took this a little differently and began to wonder just how easy it is for someone to track me down given these tools. I’m pretty wired to the grid despite my efforts to not be (oh how sweet that siren song is).

Have any of you used these tools (besides Google) to track someone down?

It seems that anyone would do anything to become an internet meme nowadays, though.

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DIY “Minority Report” Interface with the Nintendo Wiimote

Very Cool!!!


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Seth MacFarlane on the WGA Strike

Funny Guy

He is the voice of Stewie?!?

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