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Wireless Wii Sensor Bar for Four Bucks

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I know Nintendo tried to fool us into thinking that the Wii sensor bar actually sensed things. We’re too smart for that, Nintendo! We know it’s actually a transmitter and that the Wii-mote is the real sensor here.

In light of all this, doesn’t this doo-hickey make a ton of sense?


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Picnik and Flickr Sitting In a Tree…

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Remember my post about Picnik back in August? Well, apparently Flickr remembered my post as well. This move comes as no surprise. It was an inevitable purchase.

I don’t see this replacing the depth of a desktop application like Photoshop or Lightroom anytime soon. I’ll probably be eating these words in a couple of years.

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Let ClearPlay Screen DVDs For You

I saw this while browsing the electronics section @ Target the other day.



I can now watch Reservoir Dogs without the Graphic Violence, Explicit Scenes & Profanity.


Ha ha ha

For example…

“… artfully maintain the story.”

Are you kidding me?!?

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How to Build a Cell Phone Interceptor

From the guy who brought you “How to Power a TV using a AAA Bettery

I know!!!


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