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NewsFlash, People Hate Internet Explorer

Anyone who has done any bit of web development has had to deal with the bear of web browser incompatibility. This ain’t no kodiak moment, folks. It absolutely sucks to have to write “special code” (read: hacks) to make a website work in Internet Explorer, especially when your beautiful website works fine in every other browser.

Rant on, my friends, for you are being heard.

But the most pointed comment came from someone labeled only as dk. “You all continue to underestimate the dramatic spillover effect this poor developer experience has had and will continue to have on your other products and services. Let me drive this point home. I am a front-end programmer and a co-founder of a start-up. I can tell you categorically that my team won’t download and play with Silverlight … won’t build a Live widget … won’t consider any Microsoft search or ad products in the future.

“And the reason is because of IE — because Microsoft disregards its most important relationship with us. Until this relationship is repaired, nothing else stands a chance.”


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Leopard’s Quick Look

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I think that one of the best features in Mac OS X Leopard is the Quick Look functionality. If you’re browsing through your files in Finder and want to take a quick peek at it without having to launch an application, just highlight the file and hit your Spacebar. Go ahead… do it now. I’ll wait.

Quick Look is great for doing an impromptu slideshow of photos as well. Just maneuver to a folder of photos, type Cmd-A to select all, then hit Spacebar. You’ll notice a play button appears. Go ahead, click it. I dare you.

You can do this with documents as well.

Man, I’m totally drinking the apple juice.

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Gmail Pop-Up Keyboard Shortcut Guide

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Being the keyboarding fanatic that I am, keyboard shortcuts excite me. Nothing annoys me more than having to remove my hands from the keyboard to partake of some inefficient mousing.

If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled in Gmail, just hit: ?


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New Lead Singer of Journey

I’m a big Journey Fan (Favorite Band of All Time) and a Steve Perry Fan so when I heard this from my sister I was more that a bit skeptical.

Then I saw this You Tube Video. This guy is actually good. =D

His name is Arnel Pineda


From the Journey Website

And just for the hell of it…

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