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The Abridged Batman


In 2006, during 24 Hour comic book day, my friend Mark and I attended an event at Titan Comics. We spent most of the evening streaming live video and goofing off. I didn’t do a 24 hour comic, but I did manage to start the definitive Batman story of our age. I hope to finish it one day, but maybe it’s best left unfinished. I leave it to you.


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Spatula Mixer Blade

 Gimages Sideswipe
Scraping the icing off of the sides of the mixing bowl and licking the mixer blades was a favorite childhood pastime of mine. Here’s a brilliant little gadget that will kill-off 50% of that pastime.

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How Leopard Time Machine Works


Being a power user, I love being able to dig deeply into an OS or a piece of software and uncover functional gems. Mac OS X Leopard Time Machine has a big on/off switch and the ability to create a list of directories to exclude from backup. That’s it. That’s all.

Of course, it’s supposed to “just work” and it really does… up to a degree. If you’re curious about some of the underpinnings of Time Machine, check out this article at InfoWorld.

Time machine conserves disk space by folding every 24 hours’ worth of hourly backups into one daily backup. It retains 30 days’ worth of daily backups. After 30 days, Time Machine starts folding daily backups into weekly backups, which are kept until the backup volume is full.

As Apple presents the Time Machine filesystem view, you can see your system approximately:
As it was at the top of each hour today
As it was each day for the past 30 days, starting yesterday
As it was each week, starting 31 days ago, going back as far as disk space permits

A distraught user might only be interested in the amount of data he may have lost:
If you accidentally deleted a file today, you lose up to an hour’s work
If you deleted it between yesterday and 30 days ago, you lose up to a day’s work
If you deleted it more than 30 days ago, you can lose up to one week’s work, or all of it

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How Films are Digitally Remastered

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An HD release of Blade Runner will hit stores on December 18th. What’s involved in remastering? Well, scanning a film at 4000 lines of resolution is a start.

It is in this facility that the original movie negatives from the nearby Warner Bros. vault (in which films are kept at a brisk 45°) go digital. The “4K” refers to the 4,000 lines of resolution at which the movies are scanned — more than triple that of 1080p high-def. And for even more perspective: Your typical theatrical film tops out with a rez of 3K to 4K (few actually reach the 4K level). The idea is to squeeze every pixel of detail out of the celluloid, essentially preserving the original movie in perfect digital condition forever. After all, who knows how long high-definition will last before higher definition nudges in? And even now, select digital cinemas are popping up with 4K projection.

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