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Divx Pro: Free for the Holidays!

It’s always nice to get something for free, especially around the culturally appropriate holiday of your choice. Divx Pro, which usually costs $20, is now free for a limited time. They don’t say when this offer will expire, so if you use Divx at all, go get it while you can!

(picture and info from CyberNet)


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How To Swap Hard Drives with the Aid of Time Machine

 Assets Resources 2007 12 Restore System Time Machine
Gizmodo has a nice guide on how to upgrade that MacBook (Pro) hard drive with the help of Leopard Time Machine. Now you just have to decide whether upgrading to that 320 GB drive (or one of those snazzy solid-state drives) is worth voiding your warranty.

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DestapaBanana; Fill Your Bananas with Creme

Okay, okay… that article title is rife with possibility. I don’t know what else to say about this doo-hickey. It hollows out a banana so that you can fill it with your filling of choice, without peeling the banana.

The possibilities…

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eTime Home Endoscope

 Gimages Pen Cam Kit 320
My curiosity is piqued. I’m strangely attracted and repulsed all at once.

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Money Management with

 Assets Resources 2007 10 Mint-Head
Being a Quicken user for the past 3 years, I’m a little skeptical when it comes to other money management software, especially web-based ones. In all honesty, though, Quicken’s ROI for me has lessened over time. You spend $70 and really get minimal use out of it other than record keeping. Setting up accounts isn’t as “auto-magic” as I’d like.


The only reason I gave it a shot was because it was endorsed by Lifehacker, and I trust Lifehacker. I’m very impressed at how easy it was to setup my accounts. In about 5 minutes, was telling me more than Quicken usually offers. It’s painless and free.

Back to the security issue… yeah, I don’t blame anyone for being apprehensive about having all of their account information aggregated in a web application.’s terms of service are pretty thorough, and I believe that the usefulness it provides weighs heavily in favor of its usage.

At least check out the screenshot tour at Lifehacker. You might see something you like.

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Have Five Minutes to Spare?

 Www.Joystiq.Com Media 2007 12 Passage5Minutes
If you have five minutes to spare, then you can play Passage in its entirety.

At this year’s Montreal International Game Summit, the game development collective Kokoromi held their second annual Gamma event, challenging designers and coders to create games under strict guidelines. For this year’s event, games had to be a maximum of 256 x 256 pixels, and be fully playable in around five minutes.

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